Medical tourism

Choose us to plan and coordinate your treatments in Venezuela.

At present, health tourism is a phenomenon that transcends borders and can be grouped into three variants: medical tourism, alternative medicine or wellness. For several years, Venezuela has become a great option to access high level treatments. In particular, the paradise of cosmetic surgeries. In addition to the variety of health options. we have a great variety of landscapes and unique places worthy of Visiting. Through MASQSALUD,  you can get the best in care and quality.

In MasQsalud, we offer an alternative for you who is outside our borders. With us, you will be able to carry out all kinds of health and esthetic treatments in our country that counts on trained professionals with great quality standards and vocation of service.

Why choose us?

  • The quality of professionals in Venezuela, together and the affordable prices in the procedures, make the country one of the most desirable places for people around the world who seek medical and aesthetic operations.
  • National and international accreditations: our company has the best professionals guaranteed by the different scientific societies.
  • Service, hospitality and care: in addition to the human warmth of our team, our country is distinguished by the kindness and solidarity of its people.

What do we offer?

At MasQsalud, we take you to Venezuela to provide you with a service at your fingertips. With an excellent destination, in which you will be accompanied at all times by our specialized staff, who will guide you and assist you in making you feel at home.

  • Reception and Airport Transfers - Accommodation - Airport. The user can have a shuttle service available for transfers from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport, as well as the consultations.
  • Accommodation - Lodging: the user has the option to choose three options: 5 and 3 star hotels and residential lodging.
  • Nursing care service and Basic Medications.
  • In choosing us as your health care provider, we guarantee the nursing care in the post operative. Also, we know that you will need support for your recovery.
  • Medical Services. Preoperative examinations, Consultation Pre anesthetic, Surgical Procedures, Plastic Surgeons and / or specialists, Anesthesiologist's fees.
  • Clinic / Surgical Room, Post-Surgical Controls, Post Surgical Molding Girdles and bra, according to the case.
  • Health Coaching.

International Plans or Packages

In our international packages you have 3 options:

  • Gold Package: Accommodation in VIP 5 star hotels.
  • Silver Package: Accommodation in 3 star hotels.
  • Bronze package: Lodging in residence.

We give you the option according to your requirements or needs, to create your own package...

Types of surgery and health procedures that we offer in Venezuela:

  • Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Dental Treatments (orthodontics and general dentistry).
  • Laser treatments (Hair removal, anti-aging, dermatological procedures).
  • Bariatric surgery.
  • General Surgery (Traumatology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology-Obstetrics).
  • Maxillofacial Surgery (Dental prosthesis, smile design).
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