About us

We put at your disposal excellent services for health and aesthetic procedures, designed especially for you.

Financing at your fingertips

In innovation business 3000 c.A., we have as a fundamental objective, the promotion, commercialization, management and total or partial planning of services i health and aesthetics in all of their nationwide specialties. At the international level, we offer health tourism and high – level beauty.

We are an enterprising venezuelan organization leader in innovation and quality specialized in providing excellent medical services with an important standard of efficiency, ensuring a commercial connection supported by confidence, solidity and security.

We offer a first service, adapted to every woman and man, according to their needs and possibilities as well as improving their health and strengthen their self esteem.

We provide an accessible, safe and a high level action plan and offer to our clients, an integral service, unique and exclusive in the hands at experienced professionals.

Our vision

We are consolidated as the innovating organization in venezuela and leader in the world, thanks to our first health service and surgeries to men and women at national and international levels, making a new format aimed at the comfort, safety and well-being of our customers.

What makes us different?

In innovation business 3000, c.A.: we make us different for offering a reliable experience of personalized attention and identifying each of the requirements arise in a surgery and cover them in a professional and effective way.

30 dE mayo dEl 2017